Destiny Item Manager Wiki

If you've ever wanted to have DIM automatically look for specific drops (or share your list of ideal drops with other folks), this will let you do just that.

Wishlist items will have a green thumbs-up on the tile. Alternatively, use the Item Search is:wishlist. If you click on the item, the Item Popups will highlight the perks that the curator picked out.

If you know that a wishlist items contains a specific note (maybe it contains the text "gambit") use the Item Search wishlistnotes:gambit

Keeping up-to-date with premade lists

By default, DIM comes pre-loaded with voltron.txt - a master list curated by expert item reviewers (u/pandapaxxy, u/mercules904, and u/HavocsCall). If you want something more opinionated that will say bad things about your rolls, you can also use choosy_voltron.txt which will thumbs-down some of your items.

If you want to DIM to use a premade list and have it subscribe to any updates made to it, you can do that through the Settings menu. The link must be hosted on GitHub, otherwise DIM will refuse to load it (we don't trust just any host.)

If you choose to use an external source, that selection will override any file list you may have chosen to use (and vice versa). Clicking "clear wish lists" will clear both the file and external source.

Using multiple premade lists

You can add multiple URLs in settings if you'd like to only track a subset of voltron. It may also be useful if you'd like to use voltron.txt as a base and want to add a handful of items, but don't want to constantly rebuild your list if voltron is updated.

For example, pasting the following (new lines + spaces are trimmed) will just give you PvP rolls by PandaPaxxy.||||||

Modifying or creating your own lists

It's very simple to create your own list or edit (add/remove items) to an existing list. See the Creating Wish Lists page for more information.