Destiny Item Manager Wiki

Having some trouble with DIM? Hopefully some of these steps will get you working again.

Be sure to also check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Is DIM not loading, or it's loading but something or other isn't working quite right?

Before you do anything go into your DIM settings toward the bottom and click the "Download Data Backup" button that will let you save all your settings and tags and things down to a file so you don't lose them. If DIM isn't loading enough to get to Settings, hope you had DIM Sync enabled.

  1. CTRL+F5 to hard refresh your browser. ( Cmd+Shift+R on Mac)
  2. If you had enabled DIM Sync, try clearing your cache - make sure to clear it all for, not just "last 24 hours". If you didn't have DIM Sync enabled, you will lose all your data when you clear cache! Make sure you have a backup!
  3. Try a different browser (for example, Firefox instead of Chrome).
  4. If you were using, try, and vice versa.

If DIM doesn't work after you try all 5 steps, contact us for help. A bug report with details is the most helpful.

Are you getting an "Aw, Snap" error?

These errors are shown when Chrome runs out of memory. We're working on making improvements to improve performance and cut down on the amount of memory that you need to run DIM, but we can unfortunately only do so much.

Are you looking for the app store/native version of DIM?

You can "install" DIM by clicking the menu button (the three horizontal stripes in the top left) and Install DIM may be an option, depending on your browser and OS. Check out our Desktop and Mobile Apps guide to learn more.

Did you "install" DIM, and found that the desktop icon has disappeared?

If you use Chrome and previously installed DIM through that and your shortcut disappeared, you can recreate the shortcut.

  • Open Chrome
  • Navigate to chrome://apps/
  • Right click on Destiny Item Manager
  • Click on Create Shortcuts...

Do some vendors seem to be missing?

Some vendors (Petra Venj) are linked to your currently-selected character's overall story progression, and some may not be available depending on where your character is in game.

Is DIM showing you a page with the @BungieHelp Twitter feed?

During some deployments, Bungie needs to bring down the API that DIM uses for a while. We have no control over it and don't know when it'll be back up, but you can follow them for more up-to-date information than we can provide.

Are perks not showing up?

During some deployments, they don't completely bring down the API, but do bring parts of it (weapon perks being a common one) offline for a time. This (and some other quirky behavior for a while post-deployment) is expected.