Adding tags or notes to items is a great way to organize and keep track of them. When used together the tags and notes field offers a very flexible system for labeling. Both tags and notes can be called from the search box to easily move gear.


Tags are a built in system to categorize your gear. There are five tags, and they are not editable. Only one tag can be assigned to each piece of gear. After applying tags, you can use the Item Search tag:<tag name> or is:tagged

Use any of the same methods for adding notes, but tag the item with "Clear" or "None" to remove a tag from an item.


Favorite & Keep - These items will tie-break some searches such as is:dupelower

Junk and Infuse - No effect

Archive - Items with this tag will be excluded from searches and slightly dimmed in the inventory view. Useful for items you may find "sentimental".

Tagging Items

Add from Item Popups

Item popup tag.png

Bulk add from the Item Search

Tag from search.png

Tag from search 2.png

Bulk add from Organizer

Tag from organizer.png


Tag from compare.png


After exporting a spread sheet, open it in a program that can handle CSV. Modify the tags & notes and then re-import the spreadsheet.


Adding notes

The notes field on the Item Popups is a free-form text box. There is no limitation to what you can write in a notes field.

Add note.png

Using notes as tags

Because of the limited set of tags, users may use "Notes" as a way to mimic advanced tag behavior. For example, you could write the following in the notes field:

This item is great item for PvP.

Then later if you used the Item Search with notes:pvp that item would be highlighted.

Search for notes.png

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