Destiny Item Manager Wiki
Destiny Item Manager Wiki

The settings page is where you can configure the intentionally limited number of settings in DIM. Make sure to enable DIM Sync to save your settings and sync them between devices.



DIM is translated into and supports all languages that are supported in Destiny. default: English

If you'd like to help with any missing translations, please join us at

Color blindness

Support for various color blindness types. default: None

Item display

Item size

How large the tiles for each item should be. default: 50px

New items

Indicate new items with a red dot. default: OFF

Item sort order

Change the sort order for items within each. Sorts can be stacked— If power levels match, then break the tie by sorting by the name alphabetically. default: sort by power level, then by name

Inventory Display

Sort character columns

Sort characters by how recently they were used. Option to have an entirely custom static sort order. default: most recent character

Character inventory width

Display 3, 4, or 5 items per row within a column. default: 3

Item Ratings (D1 items only)

Show rating

show stat quality rating on armor. default: ON

Wish Lists


Sync & Backups (DIM Sync)

Backup tags, notes, items, etc. See DIM Sync for additional details.


Import & export items along with notes and tags. See the Spreadsheets page for additional details.