Destiny Item Manager Wiki

In the Bungie 30th Anniversary DLC patch (released December 7th, 2021), 3rd party apps were given the ability to change mods on armor, and perks on weapons. Besides being able to add mods to Loadouts, you can also switch item perks via the Item Popups.

Important Info

  1. Every mod in your loadout will be added to your armor, and some mods already on your armor may need to be removed in order to make that work. DIM will try to keep as many of the other mods that were already on your armor in place. This means you can make a loadout of just combat style mods, and your stat mods will stay put (unless we need to remove them because of energy limits).
  2. When you apply a loadout with mods, we apply those mods to whatever armor is equipped at the time, whether what's equipped is in your loadout or not. If you want the mods applied to specific armor, add that armor to your loadout.
  3. Mods cannot be changed while you are in an activity. This is a restriction of Bungie's API, just like how you can't use DIM or any other app to equip items during an activity.
  4. DIM saves mods separately from items, and automatically chooses where the mods will go. We will improve this algorithm over time but we want you to focus on the mods you want to use, not puzzling out where they go. If all the mods in your loadout are already on your armor, DIM won't change anything. We're planning on making it so you can manually place mods on specific armor pieces in the future.
  5. Equipping mods is very slow. Bungie's API currently takes about 2 seconds to change each mod, and as mentioned above we also clear out mods that aren't in the loadout. We're seeing what we can do on our end to speed this up.
  6. If you've configured your Stasis subclass in your loadout, DIM will configure it when you apply the loadout.
  7. You cannot save ornaments or shaders into your loadout yet. We're excited to introduce "Look Loadouts" in the future.
  8. You cannot save perk configurations for weapons in loadouts. Let us know if that's something you want to see.

Adding Mods to Loadouts from Loadout Optimizer

In the Loadout Optimizer you can select the mods you want for armor, and the tool will select armor that can equip all those mods. When you save a loadout from Loadout Optimizer the mods are automatically saved with it, and will be applied when you apply the loadout.

Adding Mods from the Loadout Editor

The Loadouts Editor also has a button labeled "+ Armor Mods" - click that button and you can select armor mods to include in your loadout.

Previewing Mod Placement

Click "Show Mod Placement" from the Loadouts page or Loadout Editor to check whether all mods will fit on the armor you have selected. Your loadout doesn't have to have armor - you can create a mods-only loadout that'll try to apply the selected mods to your current armor (but remember to add ALL the mods you want!)