Destiny Item Manager Wiki

DIM allows you to build, save, and apply collections of equipped and unequipped items, mods, and subclass configuration in a Loadouts. You can quickly create a loadout from the Loadouts tab or the Character Header. For advanced armor loadouts, visit the Loadout Optimizer page.

Mods in Loadouts

In the Bungie 30th Anniversary DLC patch, 3rd party apps were given the ability to change mods on armor, and perks on weapons. Read more about Mods in Loadouts.

Quick Loadout tool

Creating a new Loadout

  1. Click the Character Header you want to create a loadout for.
  2. Press + Create Loadout for a new blank loadout, or Equipped to start one with your currently equipped items.
  3. Click items in your inventory to add them to the loadout. Or, click the buttons like + Helmet or the s + button next to a slot to bring up a sheet that lets you search for and choose an item.
  4. Name the loadout in the panel, add items, and save.

Loadout from Header .png

Loadout panel

Loadouts by default will be specific to the character class you've opened the panel with. They also be generic to "any class" (useful for weapon-only loadouts.).

  • "Move other items away" will clear your inventory from all items that are not part of the loadout (similar to the Farming Mode feature.)
  • Items can be equipped or just added as an inventory item.
  • The + Add Equipped button will add all items that are currently equipped to the character you opened the panel from.

Loadout panel.png

Equipping a loadout

Loadout Equip.png