Destiny Item Manager Wiki


Search is one of the most powerful features in DIM, allowing you to find and filter by almost any property. To learn about all the possible search terms, select the "Filter help..." item in the search menu.

Search Language

DIM's search language is simple but powerful, supporting logical operators and grouping. "and", "or", and "not" keywords do what they say, and any two terms next to each other are implicitly considered "and". For example, "is:handcannon is:arc" and "is:handcannon and is:arc" are the same. You can negate any term by adding a "-" or using the word "not". For example, "-is:tagged" and "not is:tagged" are all the same. For convenience, filter terms that start with "is:" have a "not:" version, like "not:tagged". You can group terms with parentheses to make more complex searches, like "(is:handcannon is:arc) or (is:sniper is:solar)".

Saved and Recent Searches

All the searches you do are saved to DIM Sync and are available from all your devices. Clicking in the search bar shows a list of recent searches, and as you type, searches from your history will be suggested. If you like a particular search, you can click the ★ button to favorite it, and it will show up at the top of the list for new searches.

Filter Help

If you select the "Filter help..." item in the dropdown, DIM will show you a list of all the possible searches, and true to form, you can search through all of them. If you are looking for a particular search term, you can find it here.

Keyboard Shortcuts

You can start a search by pressing "F", or "Shift+F" to clear the current search and start a new one. While you are in the search field, you can navigate search suggestions using the arrow keys and select one with "Enter". Hitting "Tab" will autocomplete a filter suggestion that's underlined in the menu. Hitting "Esc" will clear the search bar.

Bulk Actions

Once you have items selected by a search, you can apply bulk operations to them. Click the tag icon and you can choose to tag or lock/unlock items matching the search. Click the compare icon (two boxes overlapping) to open Compare with the selected items. Use Organizer for more powerful bulk operations.

Moving Items

Click on any of the character tiles (or the vault tile) and select "Transfer search..." to move all items matching that search to that location.