Destiny Item Manager Wiki

Have a problem with DIM, feedback for the team, or a new idea or suggestion? Here's how to get in touch with the team.

Having trouble?

If you're having trouble with DIM or suspect there's an issue, see our Troubleshooting guide. Also consider if is having issues - DIM does all its work through APIs provided by, so when it's down, we're down.

If you're still having trouble or want to talk through a problem, join our Discord, or File an issue in our GitHub.

Have an idea?

Have a great idea for DIM, or a suggestion for something that could be improved? First, check out our list of frequently requested features. Then, head over to our Discord to workshop the idea a bit with other DIM users, or file a feature request in our GitHub. Reddit and Twitter are also good places to reach out to the team. Keep in mind that DIM is used by many people, and it's developed by a small team - we have to balance the feature requests with what we're willing to build and maintain.

Just want to send feedback?

Twitter and Reddit are a great way to reach out to the team. If you want to show appreciation, we accept tips through OpenCollective.

Want to help?

There are lots of ways to help out with DIM! The easiest is to help build this user guide wiki - anyone can edit a page or add a new page and help all DIM users learn how to use the app. If you can write in a language other than English, we can always use help on the translation team. And if you know how to code (even just a little), DIM itself is open source and we accept contributions small and large (though it's best to propose your change in an issue before starting on it).