Destiny Item Manager Wiki

DIM v6.0 brings with it a brand new way of storing and syncing your tags, loadouts, notes, and settings between different versions of DIM. Thanks to the contributions of our OpenCollective sponsors, we have been able to set up our own servers and a DIM API for storing your data in the cloud. This new system doesn't require a separate login and it automatically syncs every time you use DIM. The first time you use DIM v6.0 your data will be imported into DIM Sync, with your permission, and that data will be shared to any other copies of DIM you enable Sync on from then on.

DIM Sync does away with our old method of syncing and saving data, which was through your Google Drive account. That required you to log in to Google Drive separately, and it frequently signed you out or even lost your data 😱. It also no longer worked on iOS due to changes in how Safari treats third party cookies. That's why we decided to build our own API that wouldn't have those problems, plus it opens the door for even more cool features we can offer now that we can reliably store and sync your data.

Note that if you have DIM Sync on, any import will overwrite your existing data. If DIM Sync is on, that overwrites what's in DIM Sync. Keep in mind that when you turn on DIM Sync, we do not automatically import your existing data, so you should manually import the backup we create if you want to use the data that was previously local only.

One big difference with DIM Sync is that it syncs your data across all different versions of DIM - if you make a change in Beta, you'll see it in the App version, and vice versa. Before, these were separate copies so you couldn't switch between Beta and App. Now, the first browser you log into DIM with v6.0 will have its data imported into DIM Sync and that'll be the data you use everywhere. If you wanted data from another device or version of DIM, you can still import that old data from a file-based backup or from the Google Drive controls in Settings.

We hope the switch to DIM Sync is a good experience and that everyone enjoys easier, more reliable sync and backup system. However, if you don't want to use DIM Sync, you can disable it in Settings and delete all your data from our servers. Just know that if you do that, your data will only be stored locally on your device so it will get lost at some point when the browser decides to empty storage or you clear browsing history.


  • Enabling DIM Sync will automatically start a download of a backup file. This contains your settings/tags/notes. If any of your information goes missing but you have this file, don't panic! Bring your backup file (dim-data.json) to the :gear: Settings menu and use Import Data Backup.
  • If you want, you can manually save a copy of your data beforehand, with Download Data Backup in the :gear: Settings menu.
  • If you enable DIM Sync and notice that all your data is gone, just import the backup that was created.
  • If you had DIM Sync off before May 30, 2020, you may notice that your data isn't showing up anymore - that's because we finally deprecated the old storage system. You'll need to recreate any data or import from a backup if you had one.