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This page is for users who are interested in creating their own custom item Wish Lists.

Feel free to share your wish lists with your fireteam, the raid you're sherpa-ing, your gambit buddies, people in your crucible sweats... you get the idea.

Finding and adding items to a list

The quickest way to get started is by clicking the item name in the Item Popups - this will link you to the item in Destiny Tracker with its perks. Within Destiny Tracker you can modify the perks and see that the page URL changes. Once you're happy with a roll, save that URL to a text file.

If you do not own the item you're looking for, the Destiny Tracker Weapon Database to find and configure your item.

Add items that you're hunting for to the same text file, separating each with a new line.

If there's a few rolls of that Better Devils that you've got your eye on, put each of them in your file. DIM will match the first of them that it can find. If you want one Better Devils roll for PvE and another for PvP— add that information to the #notes section at the end of the line, then use the Item Search wishlistnotes:PvP to filter for those specific items.

The very fine Little Light has a wish list manager of its own - you can configure and export combinations of rolls there.

If you have a single roll in mind, D2 Gunsmith will let you configure and export it.

Sharing a list

After creating the text file, upload the text to

The link must be hosted on GitHub, otherwise DIM will refuse to load it (we don't trust just any host.)

Share the raw download URL from the gist! If you make changes to the gist, users will automatically be subscribed to any changes.

Title and Description

You can optionally add a title and/or description to your wish lists. For title, add a line that looks like...

title:This is the title of my wish list file.

And for description, add a line that looks like...

description:Here is a slightly longer description of just what it includes.

We only look for title/description in the first few lines of your file, so don't put it at the bottom. If you have more than one title/description in a file, we'll use the first one we find.


If you want to add comments in your text file on separate lines, go ahead! We'll ignore any line that isn't a link to banshee-44, so you can put notes for which item+roll you're talking about.

To comment out a single line use a double slash //


If you want to add searchable notes, end the line with #notes:Here are some notes.

Use the Item Search filter wishlistnotes: to look for items that contain text within the notes.

Block Notes

You can also add notes to a block of rolls by starting a line with the prefix //notes:All text after the colon will apply to all items below it. The first line that isn't recognized as a valid item (or a new block note) closes the block notes. If block notes are open and an individual item has notes on it, the item's notes will be used instead of the block notes.

//notes:These are notes that will apply to everything that immediately follows

// ^ the blank line above will end the "block"

"Expert Mode"

Please note: you're largely on your own with this option. It's called expert mode for a reason, people.

If you're feeling particularly saucy, I've added an "expert mode" line format. You can put add lines with this alternate format in file with banshee-44 links and comments and it'll all be read together. The format looks like...


If you want notes, it'd be...

dimwishlist:item=1234&perks=456,567#notes:pvp or gambit

Do not expect it to be flexible with casing or naming (it's not).

item's value is expected to be the manifest hash for the item, perks are one or more perk hashes, separated by commas.

To find these hashes, use the mighty Destiny Sets Data Explorer. You can search for items, perks and other things by typing their name in the search bar. Focus on things named "Inventory Item" when picking them out. The sandbox perk and collectible versions of perks won't be found in your inventory.

Once you look up an item that you want to keep an eye out for, copy its hash (the number to the right of the name). That becomes the value for item.

Repeat the same for each of the perks you're interested in. Again, you want the InventoryItem version of the perk. If you want to specify multiple perks, separate them with a comma.

This lets you express things like "if you see a Bygones with outlaw and kill clip on it, that's a keeper, no matter what else it does or doesn't have."

Additionally, I've added a wildcard item ID - -69420 (nice). If you give your item that value, we'll look for the perks you specify in that line on every item in your inventory. If all of the specified perks match, it's wish listed.

If a wildcard is too broad and an item is too specific, you can supply the ItemCategoryHash that you want to look up the perk/perk combo on in the item ID. If you know, for example, that you're looking for perks X and Y on a class item, you can specify item=49&perks=X,Y and we'll only look for those perks on class items. You can currently only specify one ItemCategoryHash, so be as general or as specific as you need with it.

This lets you do things like, for example, wish list all armor pieces that have the "enhanced heavy lifting" perk on them, or all ghosts that have "improved Dreaming City cache detector", or all armor pieces with both "rocket launcher dexterity" and "rocket launcher scavenger" on them.

If there are multiple perks for a given slot that you'd be happy to get, and further there are multiple slots where multiple perks would be nice, then 48klocs built a little tool that will help you build out all of those permutations.

For wishlist line items, we'll ignore comments at the end of the line. Destiny Tracker + Banshee-44 URLs are expected to be copy/paste friendly, so comments on those lines (outside of the faux-anchor notes) will break them.

As a final note, shaders/ornaments/masterworks are ignored when using URL-style item lines, but they are not ignored when using expert mode item lines.

Trash Lists

For expert mode rolls, we've also added "trash lists", a way to say that particular items/perk combos are undesirable, and let DIM automatically find them for you. By way of example...

dimwishlist:item=-1234&#notes:I don't care for it.

This would find an item with the manifest hash of 1234, put notes on it, but also mark it as undesirable (it'll give it a thumbs down in the inventory-level view), and you can search for is:trashlist to find it. For these rolls, perks are optional - you may want to say that, for example, all Ten Paces are trash. Wildcards are supported.

You should also be able to mark some Ten Paces as wish list and others as trash list; put the specific wish list versions at the top of your file and the generic versions at the bottom; the first roll we come across that matches will be the one we apply.