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Perks or Mods are showing different bonuses depending on which item they're on!

stat bonuses are quite complicated and depend on the item

see: Item Popups#Perks and Mods

A vendor is missing from my vendors page

Try switching between your characters on the vendors page - not all of them have unlocked all vendors. If you're looking for Petra, you need to be in the Dreaming City to see her.

see: Vendors#Characters

DIM deleted my item!

It actually can't do that. No app can - you can only delete things in-game. Items also can't be lost "in transit" - they either stay where they started, or make it to the destination. DIM uses the same APIs as all other apps and the Companion App, and none of them can lose items. Your item is on another character, or in the vault, or you accidentally deleted it in game.

A good way to find the item is to click the + button under your equipped weapon, which opens the "Pull Item" menu which can find items across all characters and the vault. Search for your item there and you'll find it.

You can also check which shows a log of every action every app has taken on your items - you should be able to find the transfer there.

Update: Between December 16, 2021 and December 30, 2021, it was possible to destroy an equipped armor item by applying the ornament version of that same item to it through DIM, the Companion App, or any other third-party tool. These items cannot be recovered, and this is the only known API bug that could have ever destroyed items.

Can you make DIM into an app?

DIM is already an app - a web app. Check out our Desktop and Mobile Apps guide to learn more.

How can I include the effects of a mod in the Loadout Optimizer?

The Loadout Optimizer works on base stats (without mods/masterwork) and only includes stats from mods you have locked. Lock any mod to have its stat bonuses included in the stat calculations.

see: Loadout_Optimizer#Mods_and_Perks

How can I clear all non-equipped items from my active character?

Search -is:equipped is:haspower is:incurrentchar (maybe ★ it too!), click the vault header, and select "Transfer Search".

Can I delete items from DIM?

No, the API Bungie provides for us does not allow deleting items.

Can I apply mods from DIM?

In the Bungie 30th Anniversary DLC patch, 3rd-party apps were given the ability to change mods on armor, and perks on weapons. Read more about Mods in Loadouts.

Will DIM be able to pick up bounties?

We will not have this capability, nor can we change mods that have insertion costs. These great features are exclusive to Destiny Companion App.

Why do other items sometimes move when I transfer items in DIM?

DIM sometimes needs to move items to make space. Notably, we cannot move directly from character to character - we need to move from character to vault, then vault to character.

Why is the Magazine stat in DIM different from in game?

The API that we use for item data cannot accurately return magazine size, because that stat is determined by complicated scripts that need to run in game. So DIM and other apps will never be able to get it totally right. We were offered the choice of having a sometimes-wrong number or no number at all, and we chose to display what we could get. See this issue for a more technical explanation.

When will the default wish list be updated with new rolls?

Did new Destiny content just get released? It takes human effort to evaluate the new weapons and make recommendations on them. Wishlists typically update a few weeks after the new content drops.

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